Friday, March 2, 2012

Eco-Nuts Review & Giveaway

"You'd be nuts to not try it"

What??? You can wash cloth diapers with "nuts"?
Finding the right detergent that works for you can be so hard some times, there are so many to choose from, but which one really works for you is the question?
I had the pleasure of trying out some Eco-Nuts 
let me say I was pretty shocked!!
I had some nice clean cloth diapers which is what every cloth diapering moms wants!!

What are Eco-Nuts let me tell you
(You can also find this on there site)

Eco Nuts™  Soap Nuts are a berry that grows in the Himalayas that naturally produces a soap.  The soap is called saponin, a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric and leaving dirt suspended in the water that is rinsed away. Eco Nuts™ are gentle on both clothes and skin, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin, eczema, allergies and psoriasis. Because they are so mild, they are perfect for baby clothes and cloth diapers.

Eco Nuts™ are great for cloth diapers because they do not contain any dyes, enzymes, softeners, or fragrances which contribute to the deterioration and excessive wear/tear on diapers.

Why to Love Eco-Nuts?
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Okay so your thinking How do I use these Eco-Nuts 
In my laundry? well this is how.

1. You get 4-5 nuts and you place them inside the baggie provided and you tie it up.
2.You toss it in with your Dirty Diapers or regular laundry.
3. Washing machine makes that loud noise "beeeppppp" your Diapers or Laundry is done you grab your Eco-Nuts and place them to the side to dry and you will reuse them for another wash.
 You can re-use them about 10 times until they start to get soft then you can dispose of them throw them in your front lawn, backyard wherever you'd like.

My Experience 

Reviewing these Eco-Nuts was great I do love the way Eco-Nuts work and they are totally natural which I totally love. I washed my dirty diapers and clothes with Eco-Nuts for 1 week and let me say I loved it my clothes and diapers were clean they have no scent to them which is a good and bad thing!! With my clothes I love for them to smell nice like a certain fragrance, but I also love to have clean clean clothes so smelling good was not a huge deal because they were nice and clean. 

Overall - they are super easy to use which  initially I  thought "OMG these look like there going to be hard to use " but "NO" super easy even easier then regular detergent.
Eco-Nuts washed my dirty diapers and clothes very well did not have any funny smell my towels and shirts I noticed fluffier!! They smelled clean!! I love that you can re-use the Nuts up to 10 times thats also a money saver!! I don't know about you but I love to say money !! I loved Eco-Nuts I'm sure you will too
Not to mention one of the Owners Mona was super nice, very helpful 
I'm sure she would totally help you with any questions you all may have.
This is just a quick thought: God is so amazing he even gave us soap in a form of a "nut"
God is great!!
Eco-Nuts is giving away a medium sized box of "nuts" to one 
of my lucky readers !!

Giveaway open to US Only.

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* I would like to thank Eco-Nuts for giving me 
the opportunity to review there awesome "nuts" detergent. 
Thank you & God Bless You.

Also if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask???
Just comment below and I will respond ASAP. 
Thank you all for reading my Blog I appreciate it.                                                                         

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.


  1. I like that they are compostable after using them in the laundry. No waste :)

  2. I didn't know you could use them for more than one cycle. That helps the price!

  3. I love that they are a natural, non-toxic alternative for laundry, esp when it comes to cloth diapers!

  4. love that they are all natural and you can use them more than once!

  5. Ok so I have heard of these but I didn't know they were actual nuts! How very awesome is that. GOD IS SO GOOD!

  6. I've been using these for a while and love everything about them I still don't understand them, but love them just the same ;)

  7. I love that it's a natural way to clean, no chemicals!
    brandi bowers at gmail dot com

  8. I like that I won't have to worry about what chemicals I'll end up wearing...

  9. I love eco nuts! they are what I wash my cloth in

  10. This is wonderful. I've been wondering what these were all about. I'm all for simple and easy!

  11. I love that they are all natural and can be used on Cloth diapers!!

  12. I like that you can use them about 10 times a do you know, though, if you have to use them less than 10 times?

    1. Well you use 4-5 nuts in a wash you reuse them up to ten times!! How do you know if they are done?? They will be soft and start to come apart!! Hope that answers your question!!

  13. I have been using eco-nuts for a while now and love the smell of my clothes vs the strong smell u get from most other detergents. I like how easy they are to transport when on the road and how u can reuse the same 5 nuts in about 10 loads of laundry.

  14. i like that you can throw them out into your yard when you're done! That's neat!

  15. I love that you can use them multiple times

  16. Natural, no smell left behind, fluffy clothes and diapers, and can use multiple times. Sorry did you say name one thing?! :)

  17. I love the idea of just throwing some nuts in my laundry to clean it! lol I also love that you can throw them in the yard when done with them! All-natural, eco-friendly, cost-effective, versatile, reusable...what's not to love?!

  18. I love that they leave no residue.

  19. I like, no, love that you can compost them when done :)

  20. that you can use them more than once.
    blue racer

  21. That you can dispose of them in the yard.

    Jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  22. I love it!! It's a nut. You can't get more natural than that :)

  23. I love eco nuts! I've been using them for over a year now and will never go back! They're gentle on everyone's skin and don't add funky scents to my clothes.
    I'd love to have more in stock. :-)

  24. they are all natural and can be used the wash your diapers or clothes.

  25. I like that they can be composted when you're finished with them!! And am VERY curious to see if they work.

  26. I like that they are so easy to use and they clean without leaving anything weird on the clothes!

  27. ♥ these...what an awesome giveaway and way to spread the word!!!

  28. I love how natural they are and unscented. They save you tons of money and do a great job getting your clothes clean!

  29. i like that you can throw them out into your yard when you're done!

  30. i like that they're organic too

    - anna pry

  31. I like that it will make the laundry fluffier.

  32. I like that they worked on the cloth diapers... definitely will be needing that soon. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  33. I've been using these for a little bit. They don't seem to clean my poopy diapers that well, but I love them on all our clothes. My daughter has VERY sensitive skin, but these don't make her break out :)

  34. I like that they're free of chemical nasties (all natural!)

  35. I like that it's a natural and easy way to wash my clothes and diapers.

  36. I like that they are completely natural

  37. I like that they are safe for cloth diapers.

  38. I love that they are easy to use and that it cleaned cloth diapers and the towels became so fluffy! They sound awesome!

  39. I LOVE that you can use them more than once and that they are safe for my cloth diapers!