Saturday, March 3, 2012

Packing up the House!!

So as you all might know we are
moving at the end of the month!! We are super excited I can't wait.

I am feeling a bit sad, just because Ashton was brought home from the hospital here at our current home but like all things we move on and on to the next venture. Being in the military we move so much I can't wait till we have our own home and just be settled and not have to worry about "oh in 4 yrs we have to move again".

So just getting things ready packing up the house which can be hard having a little one they need your full attention and I'm trying to pack but then he starts to cry, and then he is hungry.
So sometimes at night when I should be sleeping is when I'm packing only time I can sometimes do things!!

How do you all manage having a little one at home?

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