Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Funday!!

Hi everyone!!

Hope you are all doing well!! What's new in your lives? Any new plans? Fluff?

We are having a relaxing Sunday. Ashton has had a really bad rash / allergic reaction/ yeast infection. I took him to the Dr. she said it looked liked an allergic reaction but could be yeast! So we got a prescribed medication long story short we are now weeks and some days with this rash and just now it's clearing up still some redness but nothing compared to what it was. Thank GOD !!
Other then that life is good, hubby is in school right now while also having US Navy job of course. Adryana is off for summer vacation. So it's been nice having my little munchkin around the house. We are planning on a trip to San Antonio in July my husband is going to get eye surgery and so before doing that we will have some fun in the city!! Loving and missing my cloth diapers can't wait to go back to cloth sometime next week after the rash clears up !!

Tell me about your life what are you up to??

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