Saturday, January 28, 2012

Groovycheeks Diapers

Hello Mamas & Papas

 Super excited I have received a Groovycheeks One Size Bamboo Diaper to review. I am super excited to review this diaper just for the simple fact that I've been having some issues with my little one as far as diaper rash. I honestly believe that he might be allergic to microfiber or microfleece which consist of almost all his diapers(not sure just assuming). So you know what that means??? I would have to buy all new diapers that are made with natural fibers. Groovycheeks offers Bamboo and micofleece diapers so they have a variety of two which is awesome because in my situation I would go with bamboo because of my son's sensitive skin. These next couple of days I will be reviewing Groovycheeks diaper, then I will post my review on here so you all can see what the diaper is like. In the mean while go check out Groovycheeks diapers.


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Thank you stay tuned...

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey everyone so cloth diapering has been great.
Though i have been having some ammonia smell problems which i've looked up and been reading  and some say its normal some say its because of build up or because of the urine hitting the air. Honestly I'm not sure what it is. I mean almost all  my diapers are new and i've only cloth diapered for about a month. So i don't think its build- up unless i've been doing something wrong which i don't think i have I've been very good about washing and keeping up. So I'm going to do a deep clean on these I'm going to let them rinse in Rockin Green Soap and will see what happends. A lot of people say to strip my diapers but that just seems so scary, i don't want to ruin or mess up my diapers. Though i think rinsing them in Rockin green is a type of stripping :)  The smell is only when i take off the diaper and i put it in my dry pail liner. When i wash them they smell good so thats why I'm a bit confused, Also ashtons been having like burn rash my poor baby, so if i need to strip my diapers i will...

just like I've said before  we can read all the "what if's" but not until it happens to us will we know how to go about fixing the problem its a trial and error if your feeling like me a bit confused don't worry will get through it. We are moms we always find a way to fix right??

I will keep you all updated on how it goes for me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey everyone..

How are you all doing?
Well today is a day full of fun stuff. I have to do fluffy laundry and organize Ashton's diapers I just recently purchased a changing table on craigslist for $25 dollars. It needs a lot of TLC as far as a paint job, but it will look like a million buck once I'm done with it. :) And just other chores around the house..

Today I received my ROCK IN GREEN Laundry Detergent.  This detergent is what I use to wash all of Ashton's fluffy diapers. This stuff is "THE BOMB" it has an awesome smell, takes away all the stinkies out of Ashton's cloth diapers. They offer 3 types of detergent for hard, soft and normal water conditions. With 6 different scents not including the limited editions or seasonal scents. They have the magnetic laundry scoop which I also LOVE and got and so you have it right on your washer and not digging everywhere trying to look for it. They have a lot more ROCKIN product that you should check out.

                                       Visit there website here

                                              ROCK IN GREEN

                     I will post pictures of my fluffy laundry day today.
                                      Have a RockinDay.

okay so here is my fluffy laundry ..

Feel free to comment. I love to read comment.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Smart Snugs Pocket Diaper

Hey Everyone

So i got fluff mail about two weeks ago I ordered SmartSnugs one size pocket diapers and Bamboo Snug with snap in soakers. I washed them and after trying them on my little munchkin I totally loved them.
I wanted to share my experience with you. So take a seat and read on..

                              Red Bamboo Snug Snap in Soaker, Orange & Green Pocket Diapers.

So the SmartSnugs is a One Size Pocket Diaper with Snap closure. The diaper will fit babies from around 8-35lbs. (Which i think is so awesome because you won't have to be buying new diapers every so often as your baby is growing.. baby grows diaper adjusts!!!) Thats just Awesomeness!!

                                                Snaps Ones Size Pocket Diaper

It comes with one cotton/bamboo insert. It has a cross-over tab and a hip snap to adjust well to baby.The outer is waterproof PUL the inner is soft microfleece. They have a pocket in the back to stuff with the cotton and bamboo insert.

 Its a very trim diaper which i also love for the simple fact that my little one can still fit into his cute jeans. Its very absorbent during day time diaper for night time i just stuff another insert. They also have a one year warranty which is very awesome as well.
Overall i totally love our new edition Of SmartSnugs Cloth Diapers. So does my hubby he is so funny he will ask me. " What color does he have on right now"? lol its just too cute.

Two things i would suggest is to make pocket just a tad wider and prints on diapers would be super cool too, other then that I'm a happy camper!! Also Samantha the owner is a total sweetheart she answered all my questions, very easy to work with. I Love that!!

Well that will wrap it up !!

Where can you get these click here  Smart Snugs For only $12.00 thats a deal!! If you have any questions in regards to both the Diapers the Pocket or Snap in Soaker. Please don't hesitate to ask.

                               My Little One Sporting his SmartSnugs

           Thank You for joining me on my cloth diaper journey.
                                           Feel free to comment!! 

*I was not paid to write this review. Just want to share the Cloth Diaper Love, and give you information on this diaper.*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!!

My Gorgeous Munchkin Adryana always ready for a picture.

adry by sew-fatty
adry, a photo by sew-fatty on Flickr.
Wordless Wednesday.

Wordless Wednesday

My Beautiful Baby Boy Ashton on a Wednesday afternoon.
pappi by sew-fatty
pappi, a photo by sew-fatty on Flickr.
Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 9, 2012


So today I won Megaroo’s Au Naturel Extended Tab Prefold  i was beyond excited. Thank you Kim & Megaroo's for the great giveaway I cant wait to get my Prefolds.

Ashton is going to love them.


You can find these prefolds on megaroos website.

I'll post pics of Aston wearing them :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hey everyone..

so i know i've been talking about cloth diapering my lil ashton but maybe some of you don't really know or have an idea of what i'm talking about. So to better understand me i'll be posting a CLOTH DIAPER LOW DOWN 101 that way you all can understand me. sounds good?

Today was the four day cloth diapering  Ashton and he had some pretty gnarly dirty diapers today.. but still lovin it..its really cute my daughter Adryana is so interested in my cloth diapering skills she cant wait till we change Ashton she wants to help. Its too cute. She saids " so what are you going to do with that diaper and how about the poop mammi i wanna see what you do with it "? lol

Ashton's pics of the day. 9 wks 1 day old.

                                     bumGenius Snaps One Size 4.0

Eiffel Tower Print 

                       feel free to comment or if you have a question?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today you can enter to win a bumGenius! 
Tiny Socialite Artist Series diaper in your choice of in-stock print


fluffy butt.

So today was second day cloth diapering ashton im totally loving it. So along with cloth diapering i also decided to do cloth wipes. I mean why save on diapers and not on wipes? right

I am also using cloth wipes as of right now i'm using regular wash cloths(you can purchase them at target, wal-mart, any retail store nearest to you.) Or you can purchase actual wipes on different online cloth diaper stores. Im in the middle of making my own so ill be posting how to make your own cloth wipes super easy.

Along with the diaper pail, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, wet bag, detergent that you need for cloth diapering you also need a diaper sprayer well you DONT NEED it because you can use the dunk in the toilet method. It will make your life easier.. so i was going to buy a BUM GENIUS diaper sprayer but instead the hubby offered to make me one. So he went to LOWES and bought the stuff for it and .. TADA!! i have my diaper sprayer to spray off (poopy diapers) Thanks babe.

Ashton seems to be liking his diapers, im totally loving it his bum is so nice no rash compared to when he was in disposable diapers. It feels great to know i'm doing something good for my lil ashton.


Here are some pics i took today..

                                                     My Beautiful Baby
Bum Genius Snaps 4.0 Grasshopper
Daddy & Ashton

feel free to comment.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

ashton's starter stash

So last night i prewashed all of ashton's Bum Genius Snaps  4.0 One Size laid them all around the couch and his bassinet to hang dry lol more like lay dry. Hang drying cloth diapers keeps them in better condition for a longer time. I air tumbled the inserts in the dryer just because they are thick so it would take a while for them to dry on there own. On my to buy list is a hang dry rack thing or a rope to put outside!!! Here are some pics

here is ashton's first Bum Genius Snaps 4.0 One Size stash...

i love all the different colors!!

at the end are newborn inserts!!

Happy New Year!!

Hi, Everyone

So its a New Years today... you know what the means??
New Years Resolutions and New Beginnings.
What are your resolutions? So as far as for me this year my husband Edward and I are starting to run to loose the baby weight. As of today i'm starting to CLOTH DIAPER my lil ashton its a new transition for me. I didn't cloth diaper Adryana we used pampers with her. When i found out i was pregnant with Ashton i wanted to do a couple things different and this CLOTH DIAPER experience was one of them. Starting off with {Bum Genius 4.0 One Size Snaps}which i've already pre-wash and washed before using them. I have some other brands coming in the mail I wanted to try out different brands to see which ones i like more or which ones work best for daytime and night time.

Kinda funny how Cloth Diapering is so exciting to me.. i've been doing research comparing prices and brands theres so many great brands to choose from you just cant make up your mind. :) So no more disposable diapers for ashton, i'm going to save a lot of money and i'm being Green recycle-reuse.So ill take you on my journey to CLOTH DIAPERING, My life, and my sewing.

Happy New Year.
God Bless You