Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year !!

Leap Year!!

PLEASE READ !! God is Amazing!!!

What is it to you?? This is what I BELIEVE!!

NASA finds evidence that the Bible is TRUE!!!

For all you scientists out there and for all the students who have a hard time convincing these people regarding the truth of the's something that shows God's awesome creation and shows that He is still in control.

Did you know that the space program is busy proving that what has been called "myth" in the Bible is true?

Mr. Harold Hill, President of the Curtis Engine Company in Baltimore Maryland and a consultant in the space program, relates the following development:

" I think one of the most amazing things that God has for us today happened recently to our astronauts and space scientists at Green Belt, Maryland. They were checking the position of the sun, moon, and planets out in space where they would be 100 years and 1000 years from now. We have to know this so we won't send up a satellite and have it bump into something later on its orbits. We have to lie out the orbits in terms of the life of the satellite, and where the planets will be so the whole thing will not bog down.

They ran the computer measurement back and forth over the centuries and it came to a halt. The computer stopped and put up a red signal, which meant that there was something wrong either with the information fed into it or with the results as compared to the standards. They called in the service department to check it out and they said, "What's wrong?"

Well, they found there is a day missing in space in elapsed time.

They scratched their heads and tore their hair.

There was no answer.

Finally, a Christian man on the team said, "You know, one time I was in Sunday school and they talked about the sun standing still."

While they didn't believe him, they didn't have an answer either, so they said, "Show us." He got a Bible and went back to the book of Joshua where they found a pretty ridiculous statement for any one with "common sense."

There they found the Lord saying to Joshua, "Fear them not, I have delivered them into thy hand; there shall not a man of them stand before thee." Joshua was concerned because he was surrounded by the enemy and if darkness fell, they would overpower them. So Joshua asked the Lord to make the sun stand still! That's right - "The sun stood still and the moon stayed---and hasted not to go down about a whole day!"

The astronauts and scientists said, "There is the missing day!"

They checked the computers going back into the time it was written and found it was close but not close enough.

The elapsed time that was missing back in Joshua's day was 23 hours and 20 minutes--not a whole day. They read the Bible and there it was "about (approximately) a day."

These little words in the Bible are important, but they were still in trouble because if you cannot account for 40 minutes you'll still be in trouble 1,000 years from now. Forty minutes had to be found because it can be multiplied many times over in orbits. 

As the Christian employee thought about it, he remembered somewhere in the Bible where it said the sun went BACKWARDS. The scientists told him he was out of his mind, but they got out the Book and read these words in 2 Kings. Hezekiah, on his death-bed, was visited by the prophet Isaiah who told him that he was not going to die. Hezekiah asked for a sign as proof. Isaiah said, "Do you want the sun to go ahead 10 degrees?" Hezekiah said, "It is nothing for the sun to go ahead 10 degrees, but let the shadow return backward 10 degrees."

Isaiah spoke to the Lord and the Lord brought the shadow ten degrees BACKWARD! 

Ten degrees is exactly 40 minutes !

Twenty-three hours and 20 minutes in Joshua, plus 40 minutes in Second Kings make the missing day in the universe! Isn't it amazing?

Monday, February 27, 2012

"THE BALM" Mad Diaper Rash/Sunscreen Review

Hawaii first thing you think of is beaches, hula girls 
and Luau! We all dream of visiting Hawaii one day.. 
Right? Well why not have Hawaii come to you.

"THE BALM" products can give you a feel & smell of Hawaii 
Taylor House Inc. products are truly the "the bomb" 
and this is why. 
(You can also find this on there site)


• Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!• Organic & Natural, Made in Hawaii, USA
• Customer say one of the BEST Diaper Rash Treatments out there!
• Natural & Safe Sunscreen for the whole family!
• Vegan
• Main ingredients come from a local Big Island Organic Farm!
• Stored in a 2oz. GLASS jar (attractive & infinitely recyclable)
We don't compromise when it comes to our ecosystem!
• (Pretty Much, “THE” BALM!”)

"THE" BALM! SUN! All Natural & Organic Ingredients:
Olive oil, calendula extract, shea butter, coconut & macadamia nut oil, zinc oxide, kukui nut oil, sesame seed oil, candelilla wax, St. John’s wort extract, chickweed extract, neem oil, vitamin e T-50, Organic Essential oils: orange, lavender, tea tree

Skin about to have fun in the sun! Or ... Baby got Mad Rash from build-up in cloth diapers, teething or sickness. Also great on other owies that need moisture protection.

Stay away from eyes & mouths on this one! 
Always use a liner when treating Mad Rash on CLOTH Diapered Babies.

This is my Review & Awesome Experience 
with "Mad Rash/Sunscreen"

(Let me start off by saying both my 
daughter and son have sensitive skin)

My son Ashton had a horrible rash on his booty about a week and half ago or so. I honestly tried everything that I had in my houshold butt paste, desitin, cj's butter, and none of those were cutting it the butt paste actually burned my son and made it worse, CJ's normally always works but not this time. I wanted to cry, pull my hair because nothing I was doing was making his rash better. 

So I post a status on Facebook "Ashton has a rash what to do??" By this time I already had "the balm" products. Malena saids "girl rub some mad rash on him put a fleece liner and that will do it" she told me and I honestly was thinking of doing it but because I know Ashton's skin is sensitive I honestly was kinda scared to tell you the truth, but this was the perfect time to try out this Mad Rash out so, I go looking for a scrap of fleece I cut a piece out ( you can buy them already made or if you have a scrap of fleece that will do it just cut it big enough to cover baby's booty) I applied the Mad Rash /sunscreen put a fleece liner over his cloth diaper and prayed  that his rash go away!! 

Second changing came and let me just say I wanted to cry of joy!! His booty was already looking so much better!! I I think any mama hates seeing there baby's booty have a rash or in pain!! I took some pictures to show you mamas,  I know I like to see pictures to prove to me that something does work!! Well here they are!! 

That's what it first looked like. 

Later That Night
 Next day early morning

This is the reason why I stand behind  "THE BALM" products,
 it really does work!!The smell of "MAD RASH/SUNSCREEN" 
is so amazing you will love it. Its a great gift for yourself or for someone 
you know that loves to be out in the sun, or a baby that has a Mad Rash.

 Check out there Product Line it is all  amazing.

For Only $9.95 

Your can get yourself this amazing Balm.
Thats a great deal!!

Every Monday for the next month I will be posting my 
review for a different product of "THE BALM" Taylor House Inc.
product line. So please stay tuned you don't want to miss 
out on information you will fall  in love with it. 

Ofcourse at the END of the Reviews we will have 
an Awesome GIVEAWAY brought to you by

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask??? 
Just comment below and I will respond ASAP. 

Thank you for reading my Blog, hope its helpful.

*I would love to Thank "THE BALM" Taylor House Inc.
for giving me the opportunity to review there awesome products.
Thank You, God Bless You

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Megan Wills - Laptop Cozy Review

I've had to pleasure of meeting some very awesome moms over the internet. I use forums like where you swap diapers and any other awesome goodies its also a chat room, I love it and I'm almost always on it :)  There is a lot of WAHM (Work At Home Mom's) that have very awesome products. Its something to admire. I think its amazing to come up with a certain product that your great at making and selling it and just sharing it with other moms. I came across a WAHM that crochet, her name is Megan Wills she's amazing. She sent me a Laptop Cozy for my Mac Laptop and I love it. Its very well made, the stitching is nice and tight the flower is super cute, keeps my laptop away from any scratches and my Laptop is pretty cozy now  :) 

A little bit about Meagan, straight from the knitting room.

About Megan: 

 "I am a stay at home mom to three gorgeous kids. My oldest will be 6 in October and my twins will be 4 in August. I've been married to my husband for 6 years, and with him for 8 years now. I decided to start my own shop to make a little bit of extra income. I would love for my shop to take off enough so I can make enough money per month to stay home even when the kids are in school."

What kind of yarn do you use Meagan: 

"I use whatever yarn my customer asks for. I like cotton and wool best, but acrylic is a very easy to care for yarn. "

How long does it take you to make a Computer Cozy? 

"It takes me about an hour to two hours to make the cozy. I rarely get an hour or two in a row to sit down and work though, so it is done in shorts spurts of time."

I love my Computer Cozy, if you want to keep your computer away from scratches, and getting damaged I recommend getting a Computer Cozy. Visit her Shop or contact her on her email to set something up.

Meagan is awesome and will work with your ideas or images you might have in mind, she's awesome like that.

Etsy Shop: stitchesbymegan

Please Follow her Blog!!

I Support WAHM!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ohhh what a Sunday

Were moving out !!! 

Our current apartments are going up in price because the military does not own them anymore, so guess that means they can raise the prices.. bummer for us good news for them. We decided to look around and find something workable.. well GOD is great we have found a beautiful HOME to rent that is cheaper, bigger, and its a HOUSE!!  

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:5,6). 

We will be moving at the end of March so will be busy then, i will start to pack little by little. I love the fact that its a house and only one story so ill be able to decorate my sewing room and ashtons side like i was planning on doing here at this house. So will see how everything goes meanwhile i will keep you all updated. 


Review & Giveways News.

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Also coming up is 

"the balm" review & giveaway this review is going to be pretty good you don't want to miss it. 

Eco-Nuts Soap review & giveaway

Waxelene review & giveaway 

WAHM Computer Cozy  (need to get her website)

Please be sure to check them out!! 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Gift.

Going way back when my hubby and I were boyfriend and girlfriend Valentines Day was huge, we would get each other gifts and go all out. 
For some reason it is not like that anymore?? Could it be that we have our kids now and its no big deal?? 
Is it that we feel so comfortable with each-other? I thought to myself and I came up with the conclusion that we don't have to give each other gifts on that specific day, my hubby loves me all around. He gave my changing table a NEW LOOK which I considered that to be my Valentines Day gift. 

My mom and talked to each other last night and she felt a bit bummed out, "I asked why are you feeling down mom?" She said well your dad is never thoughtful he didn't get me anything for valentines day. I said mom " sometimes we get so focused on the fact that society has chosen this one day to give your significant other a gift or show your love and affection on this one day" well i said " why can't this be everyday"? Maybe thats why Valentines Day isn't big for me anymore. I am just grateful that  my family has great health we love each other and my hubby shows me his love everyday by the little things he does. 

So those of you that didn't receive anything, look at the bright side what else does your hubby/bf/ wife/gf do for you on a daily basis?? Him or Her just going to work for your family is enough they love you so much that they are providing for you. Appreciate what you have!!!

Just thought I would share this with you.

God Bless You All

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Monday, February 13, 2012


Save money, save the planet, pass it on…


Super excited to introduce Groovycheeks One Size Fits Most Bamboo Pocket Diaper. Why don’t you grab a snack take a seat and enjoy…

Groovycheeks is a One Size Pocket diaper it comes with the cover and one bamboo/cotton insert. Groovycheeks comes with cross over tabs, which is nice for those of you moms like myself that have newborn babies or babies with a smaller waist. It also has 3 rise snap setting for different sizing, 3 snaps per tab, hip snaps to prevent wing droop. Fits babies from 8-35 lbs.

The exterior fabric is 70% bamboo 30% cotton with a waterproof PUL that is made from recycled bottles. The interior fabric is 100% bamboo mircofleece.
Inserts are bamboo/cotton and stitched around the edge, they are pretty absorbent. I love these inserts.

I love taking photos so I hope these photos help you get a vision of Groovycheeks


                             Inside PUL lining

Interior Fabric Charcoal Bamboo Super Soft makes me want to wear some of these ... hehe

Groovycheeks at its largest setting for toddlers, its a pretty good size also tabs are pretty stretchy.

                           Groovycheeks at its medium setting

                            Groovycheeks at its smallest setting 
                 (which is the setting I currently have for my son)

                                  Meet the Groovycheeks model.. Ashton

My son is 3 1/2 mths old weights about 15 lbs.
 He is currently in the smallest settings, and also using the first 
crossover tab, he has a small waist, with Groovycheeks we did not 
experience those red marks from the diaper being to tight they 
fit just right, because of the different sizing adjustments.

Mommy & Daddy Friendly: Totally mommy & daddy  friendly super easy to use. You’ll have to play around with your Groovycheeks diaper to see what rise settings you like and fits best on your baby but after the first couple tries you’ll become a pro at Groovycheeks snapping. 

Daytime use: Groovycheeks are awesome during the day, super comfy. The cotton/bamboo insert is pretty absorbent, we did not experience leaks we went about 2-3 hrs without a change of diaper and we had no leaks. 

Nighttime use: Groovycheeks is good at nights if you don’t have a heavy wetter. My son is a heavy wetter during nights so I double stuffed my diaper so I wouldn’t wake up to any surprises. You know what I mean?

All in All: Groovycheeks Bamboo One Size diapers are super awesome, they are super soft. I love the fact that the interior color is charcoal so no need to worry about stains. It’s also a very trim diaper compared to other one size diapers which is awesome because then his clothes fits him well. All in all Its just a very simple comfy diaper to use! Not to mention Mika the owner is an amazing super sweet person answered all my questions I'm positive she would do the same for you all, great customer service.

What I would change: The one thing I would change about Groovycheeks diaper would be the narrow pocket, might be a bit challenging for some mamas and papas. Though I must say stitching is nicely reinforced, no need to worry about ripping or anything like that.
I love me some Groovycheeks they are Awesome and Affordable.

Groovycheeks  also has a One Size Pocket diaper with microfleece lining same concept like the bamboo. Groovycheeks have has a variety of colors. You have a lot of colorto choose from as well as there Wet Bags!!

Bamboo One Size Pocket Diaper  $ 22.50
One Size Pocket Diaper $ 17.50
Wetbags $ 7.50 

Ready to shop go check them out  Groovycheeks !!!

* I would like to thank Groovycheeks for giving me the opportunity to review there diaper. Thank you God Bless You.

Also if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask??? Just comment below and I will respond ASAP. Thank you all for reading my Blog I appreciate it.                                                                         

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beautiful Saturday!!

Hey everyone I'm trying out this iPhone app for blogspot. Will see how it posts on the site!! Hope everyone is having a great day, as for me and my lil family we are relaxing really should be cleaning but it's kinda hard to clean while your son is fussy !! He is teething and wants my full attention my poor baby! My husband is also re-doing my changing table remember the one I said I was going to sand and paint!! Well he took it apon himself to do it and I'm super grateful. So we're painting it pistachio green!! He picked the color so far I love it, it's different!! I will be posting pictures of the outcome soon once it's all finished!! So that's what's we're doing hope you all have a great weekend !!

Monday review goes up!! I'm excited for you all to read it!!

Have a blessed weekend!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Adryana's First Field Trip !!

So yesterday was Adryana's First School Field Trip.
They went to the Texas A&M University Play "Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs"

She was so excited to go on her first Field Trip, she reminded me the day before and said " mammi don't forget that tomorrow is my field trip". Good thing she did because i had forgotten or just not thought about it since i didn't write it down on my calendar thats in front of my face when i open the fridge. lol

Overall she had a great time, she couldn't stop talking about it. At one point she was talking about it so much, she thought i wasn't listening anymore and saids to me " mammi are you listening to me"????
Too funny.. Its so crazy that my 5 yr old daughter is so grown up.. these yrs fly like nothing.. we have to appreciate all the little things.. because you look back on it and say i wished i did this or that.
So appreciate your kids and listen to them .. lol and just enjoy them while there still young they grow too fast.

God Bless You all..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello there mamas !!

I'm so sorry haven't been updating you all, Ashton had a horrible cold. I had to have him on a neubilizer!! He is doing much better now but it was pretty bad and to top it all off I too got  really sick as well so I was having some hard long nights.

On a good note !! All is great with Groovycheeks review!! Im totally in love with GroovycheeksI can't wait to share the review with you all!! One thing I can say is Awesomeness!!!

Other projects I am working on right now is I'm organizing my sewing room and Ashton's room.
My husband was working on it all morning yesterday I just stood and watched him to do it...   :)  I got the clean up part which I don't mind at all.

Organizing his clothes and diapers along with organizing my sewing machines and nicknacks that I have.
Also fixing my friends fitted diapers the elastic was shot and "IM NOT A PRO" at sewing I have seen my mom sew since I was little and I also took a class in High School. I wanted the challenge though so I told her I would give it a shot and try and fix them, and I have fixed them which I'm super proud of and just yesterday my husband bought me a Serger, which does all the nice finishing touches. So I will be abel to Serg her fitted diapers. Super happy just because I know I did it.. Doesn't it feel good to know you did something you didn't think you could do???

Here is a picture of what Ashton's Wall looks like right now

A little bit more about this picture is that the changing table I bought on Craigslist for $25 dollars. 
This too will be another project I plan on sanding it down and staining it to match the two drawers next to it. What do you think? Those bins I might go back to the store and get some new colors.. I don't know about the mix and match lol.

Give me your thoughts about Ashton's Wall??? Love feedback.

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