Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Gift.

Going way back when my hubby and I were boyfriend and girlfriend Valentines Day was huge, we would get each other gifts and go all out. 
For some reason it is not like that anymore?? Could it be that we have our kids now and its no big deal?? 
Is it that we feel so comfortable with each-other? I thought to myself and I came up with the conclusion that we don't have to give each other gifts on that specific day, my hubby loves me all around. He gave my changing table a NEW LOOK which I considered that to be my Valentines Day gift. 

My mom and talked to each other last night and she felt a bit bummed out, "I asked why are you feeling down mom?" She said well your dad is never thoughtful he didn't get me anything for valentines day. I said mom " sometimes we get so focused on the fact that society has chosen this one day to give your significant other a gift or show your love and affection on this one day" well i said " why can't this be everyday"? Maybe thats why Valentines Day isn't big for me anymore. I am just grateful that  my family has great health we love each other and my hubby shows me his love everyday by the little things he does. 

So those of you that didn't receive anything, look at the bright side what else does your hubby/bf/ wife/gf do for you on a daily basis?? Him or Her just going to work for your family is enough they love you so much that they are providing for you. Appreciate what you have!!!

Just thought I would share this with you.

God Bless You All

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  1. Frankly I was pretty grateful I didn't get anything for V-day this year. My husband has been on the mainland (I'm in Hawaii), for 3 months working and since he's been gone he's already sent me about 2 lbs of chocolates just because! I still have a whole tray of them left over. I'm not a big jewelry wearer (I have a 9 month old), and he has terrible luck with ordering flowers that never get delivered. So I was pretty content :)

    btw I am your newest follower please follow back! :D

  2. awwww HAWAII how i miss you!!!
    My hubby took me there on a very late honeymoon it was beautiful. That is super sweet of your hubby he thinks of you so he sends you stuff what can you say you gotta a good hubby. Bring some over i love chocolate :)