Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello there mamas !!

I'm so sorry haven't been updating you all, Ashton had a horrible cold. I had to have him on a neubilizer!! He is doing much better now but it was pretty bad and to top it all off I too got  really sick as well so I was having some hard long nights.

On a good note !! All is great with Groovycheeks review!! Im totally in love with GroovycheeksI can't wait to share the review with you all!! One thing I can say is Awesomeness!!!

Other projects I am working on right now is I'm organizing my sewing room and Ashton's room.
My husband was working on it all morning yesterday I just stood and watched him to do it...   :)  I got the clean up part which I don't mind at all.

Organizing his clothes and diapers along with organizing my sewing machines and nicknacks that I have.
Also fixing my friends fitted diapers the elastic was shot and "IM NOT A PRO" at sewing I have seen my mom sew since I was little and I also took a class in High School. I wanted the challenge though so I told her I would give it a shot and try and fix them, and I have fixed them which I'm super proud of and just yesterday my husband bought me a Serger, which does all the nice finishing touches. So I will be abel to Serg her fitted diapers. Super happy just because I know I did it.. Doesn't it feel good to know you did something you didn't think you could do???

Here is a picture of what Ashton's Wall looks like right now

A little bit more about this picture is that the changing table I bought on Craigslist for $25 dollars. 
This too will be another project I plan on sanding it down and staining it to match the two drawers next to it. What do you think? Those bins I might go back to the store and get some new colors.. I don't know about the mix and match lol.

Give me your thoughts about Ashton's Wall??? Love feedback.

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