Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Adryana's First Field Trip !!

So yesterday was Adryana's First School Field Trip.
They went to the Texas A&M University Play "Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs"

She was so excited to go on her first Field Trip, she reminded me the day before and said " mammi don't forget that tomorrow is my field trip". Good thing she did because i had forgotten or just not thought about it since i didn't write it down on my calendar thats in front of my face when i open the fridge. lol

Overall she had a great time, she couldn't stop talking about it. At one point she was talking about it so much, she thought i wasn't listening anymore and saids to me " mammi are you listening to me"????
Too funny.. Its so crazy that my 5 yr old daughter is so grown up.. these yrs fly like nothing.. we have to appreciate all the little things.. because you look back on it and say i wished i did this or that.
So appreciate your kids and listen to them .. lol and just enjoy them while there still young they grow too fast.

God Bless You all..

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