Friday, February 24, 2012

Megan Wills - Laptop Cozy Review

I've had to pleasure of meeting some very awesome moms over the internet. I use forums like where you swap diapers and any other awesome goodies its also a chat room, I love it and I'm almost always on it :)  There is a lot of WAHM (Work At Home Mom's) that have very awesome products. Its something to admire. I think its amazing to come up with a certain product that your great at making and selling it and just sharing it with other moms. I came across a WAHM that crochet, her name is Megan Wills she's amazing. She sent me a Laptop Cozy for my Mac Laptop and I love it. Its very well made, the stitching is nice and tight the flower is super cute, keeps my laptop away from any scratches and my Laptop is pretty cozy now  :) 

A little bit about Meagan, straight from the knitting room.

About Megan: 

 "I am a stay at home mom to three gorgeous kids. My oldest will be 6 in October and my twins will be 4 in August. I've been married to my husband for 6 years, and with him for 8 years now. I decided to start my own shop to make a little bit of extra income. I would love for my shop to take off enough so I can make enough money per month to stay home even when the kids are in school."

What kind of yarn do you use Meagan: 

"I use whatever yarn my customer asks for. I like cotton and wool best, but acrylic is a very easy to care for yarn. "

How long does it take you to make a Computer Cozy? 

"It takes me about an hour to two hours to make the cozy. I rarely get an hour or two in a row to sit down and work though, so it is done in shorts spurts of time."

I love my Computer Cozy, if you want to keep your computer away from scratches, and getting damaged I recommend getting a Computer Cozy. Visit her Shop or contact her on her email to set something up.

Meagan is awesome and will work with your ideas or images you might have in mind, she's awesome like that.

Etsy Shop: stitchesbymegan

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