Cloth Diaper Low Down 101

                  Why Cloth Diapers ??

  • 100% reusable 
  • Soft cotton, bamboo, fleece or hemp touches your baby bum.
  • No nasty chemicals in them.
  • Convenient just like disposables (except your not throwing away your money :)
  • Money Saver
  • No Chemicals on your babies bum.
  • Fewer Rash Problems.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Save them for future babies.
  • They are just Super Cute of course.

When I found out I was pregnant i went on a mad hunt to search for new items, new things i wanted to do for ashton. Cloth diapering was one of them. During the entire nine months i was prego i searched tons of brands learned a lot about which diapers to use in what scenario. I don't consider myself a guru, but i am very well informed. I'm just learning as I'm going.

These were some of the resources i came across while doing so.. you will find awesome information on these  awesome sites. Hope they help you.

The Cloth Diaper Report
Cloth Diaper Geek