Monday, August 6, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Flufftastic Summer Celebration
Greenie Beanie Bottoms

Steph the owner behind Greenie Beanie Bottoms has become a good friend of mine. We have a group where we chat about cloth diapers and life. One day I asked in our group "What were their thoughts on Happy Heiny's One Size Diaper"? I read a couple of positive things and some negative so I knew the only way I would find out would be by actually trying it out. Steph was kind enough to offer if I would like to review a Happy Heiny's and  of course I said yes. Next thing you know I have a super cute Owl print Happy Heiny's in my mail box super Fast Shipping, who doesn't love fast shipping when it comes to fluff. So let's talk Happy Heiny's One Size Diapers.

The Happy Heiny's is a one size diaper that will fit most babies from 8lbs - 35lbs made to fit baby from birth to potty training which is awesome because you will only have to purchase once and your done.
  • Happy Heiny's uses their own custom high quality milled fleece made in the USA.
  • 4 different sizes for your diaper
  • Includes 2 microfiber inserts (one small & one large).
  • Happy Heiny's comes in aplix and snaps
  • Solid Colors and Prints 
Happy Heiny's in the smallest setting, 
as you can see it can get fairly small also has cross over snaps for those smaller waisted babies, great feature to have.

Inside of the Happy Heiny's micro fleece is super soft. 
I love the front of the diaper for its wideness getting a good grip on the waist of the baby. 
Happy Heiny's has this awesome wide pocket to stuff, 
which makes stuffing so easy. I LOVE IT.

My Experience

I'm so glad, I was able to try out the Happy Heiny's One Size Diaper. 
It has become one of our favorite diapers that I use very often. 

Fit: Happy Heiny's fits Ashton great. It's nice and snug around the waist and around the legs the snaps are on the perfect settling making it a awesome diaper for us to use. We also did not experience any RED mark which is always great. The fit is so great we did not have any leaks. I wouldn't recommend the One Size diaper for newborns it may be a bit to big, but Greenie Beanie Bottoms also carries the Mini One Size pocket so they have you covered.

 Ease of Use: My husband has put this diaper on Ashton once and he did alright with snaps. Snaps can always be a bit more work. Trying to find the good fit might take a couple tries but after you find that fit, its a breeze. Aplix is always easier because its just like putting on a disposable diaper on, both types are awesome its really just a personal preference.

Day time/Night time: During the day I only used one insert and it worked awesome, even during naps we experienced zero leaks during the night time I used both inserts and another one just to play it safe and it worked great for us woke up the next morning and Ashton was dry the diaper was soaked but he didn't leak through his pajamas, which was pretty darn amazing.

Overall:  I love Happy Heiny's they are now one of our favorite diapers we use this diaper in our rotation. We love using it during the day and during the night with an extra insert. I've had some problems with a couple of other brand diapers with leaks and we experienced none with our Happy Heiny's which is a huge deal for me, I don't have to keep on changing his clothes because its wet. I totally recommend Happy Heiny's One Size diapers and to all my fans, friends and family. I think you have to have some Happy Heiny's in your stash. 

Lil' Bam Bam modeling his Happy Heiny's 

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.


  1. We have the hemp version of these and they work great. I love the owl print you tested.

    1. i havent tried the hemp version.. sounds amazing.. thank you for sharing Britni

  2. I have heard good things about this diaper as well! Their tye-die & monkey prints are fabulous : ) And it is awesome to know that the hole to stuff the inserts in is large! Tiny stuffing openings makes us choose those dipes later in the rotation.

  3. These sound great! I'll definitely have to give them a try!

  4. The little owls on that diaper are so cute! I love that they seem to be leak free for you, and seem to fit your LO really wonderfully!

  5. I love the owl print! It looks very gender neutral too which is nice!

  6. that is the cutest owl print. i've been wanting to try these diapers.

  7. The owls are so cute. I love that the opening is large enough to get inserts in. It is so hard trying to cram inserts in

  8. I am looking for a daycare / daddy friendly diaper that is also good quality. These look like a nice diaper and I love that part of it is made in the USA. I am hoping for an AIO, but if I don't succeed there then I will test one of these!

  9. I have yet to try this diaper, but my husband would LOVE one. I prefer prefolds; he prefers pockets/AIOs.

  10. I love the OS pockets from Happy Heinys! They are just so convenient to use and the microfleece is super soft. I only have one in my stash and would love more!

  11. We have one of these and I find it to be a great diaper for extra stuffing. It's also one of the only diapers that we still wear snapped down a row, so I see it fitting for a long time to come.

  12. I have heard wonderful things about these diapers. I love the prints and can't wait to try some!

  13. I love that this diaper doesn't leave red marks! And the inside looks so soft!!

  14. That owl diaper is so cute! And it looks like it fits really really well.

  15. I have one Happy Heiny's and I love it. It is so soft inside! Plus the fit is great, the crossover snaps are great for skinny babies.

  16. I have never tried Happy Heiny's, but their prints are adorable :)

  17. It looks like it fits very well. Your little model is adorable!

  18. Cute prints and they look very trim!

  19. These didn't work for us till our little guy was about 6mths old after that we love them. easy for dad.

  20. we love everything about HH's. Our organic AIO is a favorite for naptime.

  21. I loveee how versatile they are! plus cute prints are always fun :)

  22. I have a couple of happy heiny's and although they're not my favorites they are good diapers.