Wednesday, August 15, 2012

6 Weeks Pregnant: First Doctor's Appt.

Yesterday was my first appointment. I was seen on base to confirm my pregnancy.

I had my blood drawn, not the coolest thing, but hey it comes with the package right ??  I waiting patiently till the Doctor came in to see me, she went through so many questions and was shocked to hear that I was on birth control pills. I told her yeah "I was that % that gets pregnant" on the pill she just laughed. After all the questions and based on what I told her she gave me my due date of April 10, 2013 and putting me at 6 weeks pregnant. I believe that until I get seen by a OB/GYN and have my first ultrasound. Is when I will get a more accurate time frame. So for now will stick to 6 weeks and counting ... I will keep you all updated. The Doctors on base are not OB/GYN so I will be referred out, so I will be making my first OB/GYN appt. soon. So stick around for some more pregnancy fun !!


  1. Welcome to the club. I am also part of that percent that can get pregnant while on the pill.

    1. Laurie.. thank you.. really you got pregnant off the pill?? how many weeks or mths are you?