Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beautiful Saturday!!

Hey everyone I'm trying out this iPhone app for blogspot. Will see how it posts on the site!! Hope everyone is having a great day, as for me and my lil family we are relaxing really should be cleaning but it's kinda hard to clean while your son is fussy !! He is teething and wants my full attention my poor baby! My husband is also re-doing my changing table remember the one I said I was going to sand and paint!! Well he took it apon himself to do it and I'm super grateful. So we're painting it pistachio green!! He picked the color so far I love it, it's different!! I will be posting pictures of the outcome soon once it's all finished!! So that's what's we're doing hope you all have a great weekend !!

Monday review goes up!! I'm excited for you all to read it!!

Have a blessed weekend!!



  1. How did you get your husband to sand and paint without asking? I wish I would come home to my husband sanding my next project!

    I tagged you to answer some questions, if you don't want to no big deal ;)

    p.s. I love your blog background, so much in fact it's the same one I use!

  2. okay i totally replied to you from my phone.. it didn't post .. urghhh hate when that happens.

  3. Hi Annie Welcome.. thanks for following.. how long have you and hubby been married? where are you all stationed? were stationed here in kingsville tx super small town were used to the city we used to be stationed in san diego, ca.
    About my changing table initially i was supposed to do it all by myself but i think he seen that I've been totally sleep deprived and so he took it apron himself to do it.. i will post new pics soon after i organize it nicely.. so i took it as my valentines day present :)

    i will go answer some questions.. again thanks for the follow will be talking a lot NAVY WIFES!!

    really you have the same one.. how funny and crazy.. we have the same GOOD taste :)