Saturday, January 28, 2012

Groovycheeks Diapers

Hello Mamas & Papas

 Super excited I have received a Groovycheeks One Size Bamboo Diaper to review. I am super excited to review this diaper just for the simple fact that I've been having some issues with my little one as far as diaper rash. I honestly believe that he might be allergic to microfiber or microfleece which consist of almost all his diapers(not sure just assuming). So you know what that means??? I would have to buy all new diapers that are made with natural fibers. Groovycheeks offers Bamboo and micofleece diapers so they have a variety of two which is awesome because in my situation I would go with bamboo because of my son's sensitive skin. These next couple of days I will be reviewing Groovycheeks diaper, then I will post my review on here so you all can see what the diaper is like. In the mean while go check out Groovycheeks diapers.


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Thank you stay tuned...


  1. Hey Pollyanna! I'm looking forward in knowing how these work for you :) I've never tried bamboo on my little girly's bum, this might persuade me. How are they working so far? Were they hard to prep? :)

  2. Jodi, I'm totally loving these Groovycheeks exterior fabric is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton with waterproof PUL so you don't need a cover which is awesome the inside is 100% bamboo and its so soft!! And the best part about that is that its a charcoal color so no worries about stains!! For night time use i double stuff the Groovycheeks, just because my LO is a heavy wetter!!! So far loving them!! Price pretty affordable for being bamboo. Not hard to prep!! I prepped them with my hemp and bamboo inserts to use the whole load, just washed them about 3 times before washing with my other diapers. Ill be posting the review soon so stay tuned!!