Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So as promised another awesome review from "THE BALM" Products
Today its all about an awesome cloth wipe solution brought to you by
  "THE BALM" called JUICE those WIPES

When I started cloth diapering Ashton which was 2 months ago I said to myself "if you cloth diaper Ashton, you must also use cloth wipes." then I thought " but how am I going to keep them moist and smelling good?? Well for the first month I searched for wipe solutions on google. I found a lot of products to purchase and tons of recipes to make your own handmade solution. So I found a recepie that worked for me using water, tea tree oil, and aloe vera gel. Used this solution till I was introduced to "THE BALM" JUICE those WIPES here are some facts about them.

Our Natural Cloth Wipes Juice Concentrate is formulated with Taylor's liquid soap to be sure all those parts get clean! We blend herbally infused oils & yummy essential oils to moisturize and smell good! Even in the most humid climates, where bacteria breeds, our wipes juice will not go bad! Perfect for changing baby's precious bottom, or as reusable "wet ones" for wiping hands & faces!

This is a sample size 

"THE BALM" JUICE those WIPES Details

Cleans.Moisturizes.Stays Fresh
• Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
• Organic & Natural, Made in Hawaii, USA
• Use for Cloth Diaper Wipes or Wet Ones!
• Concentrated (Makes 24-48 Batches!)
• SUPER easy to use & rids of all that funk @ diaper changing time!
• Baby Safe
• Vegan
• Main ingredients come from a local Big Island Organic Farm!
• Add to wipes warmer OR to spray bottle for on the go!
• Comes in Recycled Aluminum
• (Pretty Much, “THE” BALM!”)


“THE BALM"! JUICE those WIPES! ALL ORGANIC (where applicable) Ingredients:Chamomille & calendula infused olive oil, poly 20, witch hazel (non-alcohol), Taylor's Liquid Soap, lavender & orange oil, vitamin e, liquid germal plus



On those Cloth Wipes Ready to get those sweet cheeks, hands, faces, 
feet & other dirty parts clean!

ADD 1-2 tsp. to 32 ounces of water, stir & add approx 18-24 wipes

As soon as you open the lid you smell the 
citrus + bombness scent love it !!
You can use any mixing bowl, your solution, 
water, wipes and measuring tsp.

I also used Megaroos Wipes love her wipes !!

I added  2 tsp to 32oz stir it and this is what it looks
 like once you stir it in.
You grab your wipes and submerge them until they are drenched.
If you have a wipe warmer you roll them up and organize them 
in there like I did in the picture.
Then you close it and use your wipes for diaper changes, 
I do this maybe every 3rd day.

My Experience 

Where do I start?  So far I've loved every single product that "THE BALM" has to offer Im totally hooked on "THE BALM" products. I love there scent its very fresh, very earthy, very hawaiian. My husband took me to hawaii two years ago and I loved everything about the Islands, there culture, food, and crafts. So having these products in my home reminds me of great times. Not to mention they work amazing. I don't know if you all notice if you wipe your babies bum with just water like some of us have or do (NOT JUDGING) please just want to get my point across sometimes there bums still have a smell, with "THE BALM" Juice those Wipes your babies bum smells so nice and just knowing that my babies bum is nice and clean makes me happy.
There is nothing you won't like about "THE BALM" Juice those Wipes
I no longer make my own solution I use Juice those Wipes, and Im almost 100% I will always have this product in stock in my Son's MUST HAVES!

You all might laugh but this is my "THE BALM" Shrine
and defiantly plan to add more to it.

I love "THE BALM" products.
Malena the owner is so amazing, i'm sure if you have any questions regarding "THE BALM" products she would be more then happy to answer any questions or concerns.
Below is "THE BALM" Facebook please LIKE 
We will be having a Giveaway at the end of the month on
"THE BALM" products so please stay tuned.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask??? 
Just comment below and I will respond ASAP. 

Thank you for reading my Blog, hope its helpful.

*I would love to Thank "THE BALM" Taylor House Inc.
for giving me the opportunity to review there awesome products.
Thank You, God Bless You
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.


  1. I'm jealous of your shrine! The Balm sounds great!

    1. My hubby just laughs !! He saids the things that make you happy !! :) I said yeah I'm simple !!!

  2. Awesome review! I would love to try Juice those Wipes! I am still switching (convincing the family) to cloth wipes. I used to make my own with water and Tea Tree Oil. I finally caved and bought some from a shop on FB. They are great but I am the type that always wants to try something new! Just like my diapers, pretty much 2 of each brand out there in my stash, lol.
    Great review!

    1. Omg me too !! I love trying new things all the time there are some diapers I've eliminated !! That just don't work for us!! Also I'm obsessed with diaper creams/ balms just because my kiddos are so sensitive tht I like to know which ones will work!! I'm glad you liked my review you def. have to try "THE BALM" It's the bomb ;)

  3. Great review! I'm definitely looking into this, I've just really started getting into cloth wipes but I don't have a solution to put them in yet!

  4. I just bought some of this and I love it! Ok I only used it once but it smells amazing :D Plus just a small amount makes a huge batch!

    1. I told you Savannah!! Im so glad you LOVE IT.. please let me know how it goes after you try it a couple times.. you won't want to use anything else..

  5. I love that the wipes wont go bad in this solution!!

  6. I love the way the wipe solution smells. `

  7. wow, really cool! it's sooo natural! lol like how its US made too!

  8. Its nice to know the wipes won't go bad. Thanks for the review.

  9. I have struggled with making my own wipes solution -- I would love for somebody (eh hem, The Balm) to do the work for me :)

  10. I love how this stuff is made from all natural ingredients in Hawaii. I like being able to support local (within the US) businesses.

  11. This is really cool! Right now I just use water but this makes me want to buy something to keep my wipes in a solution!

  12. The wipe solution I use has to be changed out every day, I like how this can last a few days

  13. I'd definitely love the scent. Some are too flowery for me, I'm definitely a citrus-lover!

  14. We just use water with our cloth wipes but this looks like great idea!

  15. I've just been using water with my wipes, mainly because I don't want mildew or bacteria growing on prewet wipes or in the solution. Good to know that won't happen with this solution!

  16. I love that this is good for kiddos with sensitive skin. My little one breaks out with almost anything new. I am really wanting to try this

  17. I would love to try these,I love the indrediants .I have always loved natural remedies for things I'm a huge user of tea tree oil and many other essential oils so even before reading the reveiw I know they work wel.greta that they are cloth diaper safe

  18. The fact that the solution won't go bad is great. The ingredients alone make this a great product. This sounds like I might be swayed to use cloth wipes with their solution. :)

  19. You describe this so well I can almost smell the products from my computer!

  20. i typically use plain water, but this sounds wonderful!

  21. I've never used cloth wipes before but this "juice" sounds so good, it really makes me want to try!

  22. I have not used wipe "juice" or any kind of wipe solution... just water. But i would love to try :)

  23. I've only ever used Wipe Cubes so this seems very interesting to me! I wouldn't have to boil the water which is a huge plus. I love that the packaging is recyclable too :)

  24. Can I say wow I love that the wipe solution smells good as well as prevents the bacteria stink that I personally have experienced from living in a hot climate

  25. Glad to know the wipes juice will not go bad!