Monday, March 12, 2012

"THE BALM" Sanitize Those Hands

Another awesome Review brought to you by 
"THE BALM" Taylor House Inc.

So I am a total germaphobe, 
I always carry a hand sanitizer in my diaper bag at all times.
My husband hates it when I use hand sanitizers because he hates the smell of alcohol and doesn't like that I use it very frequently 
because he said's my body will soon get immune to it.
I really don't use it that much, if I have a sink and soap I will do that first before spraying or grabbing my hand sanitizer. I had the opportunity to review "THE BALM" Sanitize those Hands and well along with all there other products its another favorite. They just make really amazing products, GOD has blessed Malena the owner with such a great talent to be able to share really her awesome products with all of us.

Here is some info regarding Sanitize those Hands.

Blended with one of our favorite Hawaiian oils, this sanitizer moisturizes & leaves hands feeling silky smooth! Kills 99.9% germs (and ONLY the “bad” ones)! SUPER easy & safe for little hands! Smells fantastic! A MUST for travel, schools, flu season & more!

Product Details

• Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
            • Kills 99.9% germs PLUS leave your hands silky smooth! 
• 2.7 oz / 80 ml Recycled Aluminum 
• Convenient Travel size spray perfect for the plane!
• Organic & Natural, Made in Hawaii, USA 
• Perfect for the diaper bag, purse, restaurants, public restrooms 
• Trips to the dumps, baby & children's hands 
• Naturally Defend during SICK/COLD/FLU season! 
• Vegan 
• Main ingredients come from a local Big Island Organic Farm! 
• Comes in Recycled Aluminum! 
• (Pretty Much, “THE” BALM!”)



         On those dirty, germy hands! And any other dirty stuff!
  For sanitizing objects, 
check out "THE" BALM! SANITIZE IT! Which is a GREAT household                                   sanitizer, and contains no oils.

Organic: 62% ethanol, macadamia nut oil**, lavender & orange oil
**This product contains nuts, so if there is a known topical (not internal) nut allergy, do not use (this is super rare though).

My Experience

"THE BALM" Sanitize those Hands is amazing it comes in the Recycled Aluminum can which is totally awesome, Eco-friendly. I love how there main ingredients are found at there local Organic Farm they use the same ingredients almost in all of there products which I Love for the fact that there scent is so unique. I've personally never smelled anything like this I love it. I'm so hooked on there smell that I want my entire house to smell like this!! Also the best part of this sanitizer is that it doesn't have that strong scent of alcohol 
actually I don't even smell it. 
I put it to the test I sprayed it in the car my husband did not see me and didn't say anything I was shocked. After I rubbed my hands together, I asked him "did you smell that"? he said what your lotion???  ("THE BALM Body Butter) I said really that's what you smell? "Babe I just sprayed "THE BALM" hand sanitizer on my hands and you didn't even notice ?? he was shocked and said "are you serious"? So that right there said's a lot my husband has a great smelling senses if it doesn't smell good to him he won't eat it, try it, and will pass. "THE BALM" Sanitize those Hands has passed my test! And is definitely a original, unique bottle of awesomeness. You definitely have to try some of this its great I love it.

I love "THE BALM" products.
Malena the owner is so amazing, I'm sure if you have any questions regarding "THE BALM" products she would be more then happy to answer any questions or concerns.
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Thank you for reading my Blog, hope its helpful.

*I would love to Thank "THE BALM" Taylor House Inc.
for giving me the opportunity to review there awesome products.
Thank You, God Bless You
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.


  1. Great review! Olfactory is so much a part of something wonderful to me too! I can only imagine the smells you described, but if definitely makes me want to try it! :) Thanks mama!

  2. yes its totally amazing... def a must have.. thank you for your awesome comment

  3. I love that this not only santitizes but also leaves your skin smooth!!

  4. would love to try it! hand sanitizers usually leave me feeling so dry

  5. Leaves your skin smooth and smelling yummy. No nasty taste.

  6. I love the idea of a hand sanitizer without the alcohol!

  7. I like that it smells nice, not like alcohol, like the other kinds!

  8. I like that is come in an aluminum bottle

  9. I love that this will not stink like the alcohol based ones do. Yuck.

  10. I agree that the commercial sanitizers smell too strong. Nice this doesn't make you smell like a drunk!

  11. I love that it leaves you skin smooth. The other stuff always drys my hands out

  12. I just love hand sanitizer especial naturaly derived ones .

  13. I have really been wanting to try an all natural hand sanitizer. My whole family hate the commercial ones!

  14. Like that it comes in a recycled aluminum bottle!

  15. I love that it has natural ingredients and that it does not have that bad alcohol smell!

  16. Loving that it also moisturizes your skin instead of drying it out like the chemical ones. Natural ingredients and still sanitizes is great!

  17. Neat! I love the spray on, I've never used a spray on sanitizer.

  18. i love that it has organic ingredients!

  19. I normally prefer alcohol free sanitizers b/c my hands end up too sticky and dry afterwards, but the nut oil sounds like it would work really well for both of these issues.

  20. I had been wanting to try this, for after those diaper changes where I don't have a sink, but I'm not a fan of hand sanitizer either--glad to hear there's a chemical-free product that does the job!