Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to care for Aplix (Velcro) Diapers

When I first started looking into Cloth Diapers, I wasn't sure what Brands I wanted to use or what type of closure I wanted!! While browsing the Internet I seen some diapers with some "not so nice looking" VELCRO so I thought to myself "I'm not doing velcro, it will get ugly and and then I will need to replace it? Yeah not doing that"

So not until Cottonbabies - Flips had a sale did I think to my self. "You should try them" maybe you will like velcro??

Well I do, they are super easy (Daddy Friendly) and I'm excited to have both Snaps and Velcro. I love my SNAPS and Velcro I have learned to LOVE it too! I still DO think that Velcro does get ugly but here is a tip on how to keep you velcro from staying nice and clean looking.

Normally I put my the velcro on my diapers like this because I like them organized, and not all over the place. 
NOW I'm doing this and organizing them this way.
Every time you peel the velcro tabs away from the front strip your using it so therefore it is most likely to get ugly sooner then only using it to wear once baby is ready for a diaper change. You get it?? 
You are using the the tabs and strip less .. so therefore your aplix (velcro will last longer) 

Also another tips is sometimes the velcro gets fuzzy stuff on it or around the tabs once you see that take care of the problem then, so take it off. 

This will help keep your velcro nice and clean looking. 

Hope this helps!!!! Would love some comments if this works for you??


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