Friday, April 20, 2012

Lovin Oeko Popo Covers

So I recently purchased some Oeko Popo Covers.
Juliane the OWNER had a seconds SALE!! 
Couldn't pass it up especially because I have been wanting to try them, 
well let me say they are amazing. We love them, they hug Ashton's chubby legs so well no leaks and there inserts are back up with PUL which makes the liquid distribute evenly. Totally in LOVE I only got two wished I got more... well next time she has a SALE I will be there just wanted to share with you all.

If your looking for an AIO, AI2, COVER I would totally recommend also the PUL is a soft and breathable PUL which I LOVE!! The cut and shape to these covers are so 
special and different from other covers I have.  Love it !!
Here is a video to prove just that!!

Ashton in his Oeko Popo Diaper

First wash & line dry

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  1. I won't even wait for a sale!! Her covers are THE BEST Thing in my stash. I have all but 3 of the standard colors, plus two minky blue leopard print covers and one of the crown (my new favorite!). I use them a dozen different ways.....on my infant and my toddler....I LOVE them. Mostly I pair them with a Tshirt and baby leg warmers. Everyone comments on them!

  2. Yes they are truly the BOMB!! I really want to try the ones she makes herself.. we live in TX so a shirt or ones is is how we do it :) thank you for the comment :)

  3. I got 4 during the sale too and still need to wash and try them! I played with them and showed my husband how they work so I'm excited to get them on my little one!!

    1. Sarah you will love them!! We couldn't wait.. i didn't even wash them :) I think you'll love them!

      Please let me know how you like them once you try them!!