Tuesday, January 3, 2012

fluffy butt.

So today was second day cloth diapering ashton im totally loving it. So along with cloth diapering i also decided to do cloth wipes. I mean why save on diapers and not on wipes? right

I am also using cloth wipes as of right now i'm using regular wash cloths(you can purchase them at target, wal-mart, any retail store nearest to you.) Or you can purchase actual wipes on different online cloth diaper stores. Im in the middle of making my own so ill be posting how to make your own cloth wipes super easy.

Along with the diaper pail, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, wet bag, detergent that you need for cloth diapering you also need a diaper sprayer well you DONT NEED it because you can use the dunk in the toilet method. It will make your life easier.. so i was going to buy a BUM GENIUS diaper sprayer but instead the hubby offered to make me one. So he went to LOWES and bought the stuff for it and .. TADA!! i have my diaper sprayer to spray off (poopy diapers) Thanks babe.

Ashton seems to be liking his diapers, im totally loving it his bum is so nice no rash compared to when he was in disposable diapers. It feels great to know i'm doing something good for my lil ashton.


Here are some pics i took today..

                                                     My Beautiful Baby
Bum Genius Snaps 4.0 Grasshopper
Daddy & Ashton

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  1. That is awesome glad it's going good u r doing a lot and it's good for Ashton ur pockets and earth! Keep it up.