Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey everyone..

How are you all doing?
Well today is a day full of fun stuff. I have to do fluffy laundry and organize Ashton's diapers I just recently purchased a changing table on craigslist for $25 dollars. It needs a lot of TLC as far as a paint job, but it will look like a million buck once I'm done with it. :) And just other chores around the house..

Today I received my ROCK IN GREEN Laundry Detergent.  This detergent is what I use to wash all of Ashton's fluffy diapers. This stuff is "THE BOMB" it has an awesome smell, takes away all the stinkies out of Ashton's cloth diapers. They offer 3 types of detergent for hard, soft and normal water conditions. With 6 different scents not including the limited editions or seasonal scents. They have the magnetic laundry scoop which I also LOVE and got and so you have it right on your washer and not digging everywhere trying to look for it. They have a lot more ROCKIN product that you should check out.

                                       Visit there website here

                                              ROCK IN GREEN

                     I will post pictures of my fluffy laundry day today.
                                      Have a RockinDay.

okay so here is my fluffy laundry ..

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