Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey everyone so cloth diapering has been great.
Though i have been having some ammonia smell problems which i've looked up and been reading  and some say its normal some say its because of build up or because of the urine hitting the air. Honestly I'm not sure what it is. I mean almost all  my diapers are new and i've only cloth diapered for about a month. So i don't think its build- up unless i've been doing something wrong which i don't think i have I've been very good about washing and keeping up. So I'm going to do a deep clean on these I'm going to let them rinse in Rockin Green Soap and will see what happends. A lot of people say to strip my diapers but that just seems so scary, i don't want to ruin or mess up my diapers. Though i think rinsing them in Rockin green is a type of stripping :)  The smell is only when i take off the diaper and i put it in my dry pail liner. When i wash them they smell good so thats why I'm a bit confused, Also ashtons been having like burn rash my poor baby, so if i need to strip my diapers i will...

just like I've said before  we can read all the "what if's" but not until it happens to us will we know how to go about fixing the problem its a trial and error if your feeling like me a bit confused don't worry will get through it. We are moms we always find a way to fix right??

I will keep you all updated on how it goes for me.


  1. What is your wash routine? I do cold wash no soap, hot wash with soap, followed by 1-2 cold rinses.

  2. hi CH.
    I do a pre-wash COLD (no soap), then I do a Hot wash with (rockin green soap ) extra rinse. i mean i was so good about everything making sure I'm only putting recommended amount of soap as well. Rockin Green says 2-3 tablespoon i put two. Any ideas CH??

  3. I too do a cold rinse with no soap followed by a HOT heavy wash with Country Save detergent which I love!! Followed by a rinse. I also rinse out my diapers with my diaper sprayer before they go in the pail.

    It could be the type of detergent you are using or the amount. If you use too much, it might be still in the diapers. I also have some friends that used the Free and Clear or sensitive detergents that are not CD safe and they had problems with smell and rashes with the detergents!

    I also had a rash problem with my was because we had hard water and I was using too much detergent. The detergent binded with the minerals from the hard water causing a buildup! I added an extra rinse at the end of my wash routine and cut down the amount of detergent and this solved my problems!! Extra rinse will do wonders!

    Sorry this is so long! Here are a couple of links from my blog that talk about some ideas!

    Hope this helps! It can be frustrating to not know what the problem is! But stripping your diapers may give you a clean start...4-5 washes of HOT water all in a row with no detergent.

  4. This is awesome thank you so much for the insight.. for sure.. i am in the middle of trying out different detergents. I have done a lot of rinses since this post and we are not currently having any problems so thats great.. i will take a look at your blog as well.. again no prob. on being long i love to read about other mamas routines. thank you for taking the time to type it all up for me.. i feel special. :)