Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hey everyone..

so i know i've been talking about cloth diapering my lil ashton but maybe some of you don't really know or have an idea of what i'm talking about. So to better understand me i'll be posting a CLOTH DIAPER LOW DOWN 101 that way you all can understand me. sounds good?

Today was the four day cloth diapering  Ashton and he had some pretty gnarly dirty diapers today.. but still lovin it..its really cute my daughter Adryana is so interested in my cloth diapering skills she cant wait till we change Ashton she wants to help. Its too cute. She saids " so what are you going to do with that diaper and how about the poop mammi i wanna see what you do with it "? lol

Ashton's pics of the day. 9 wks 1 day old.

                                     bumGenius Snaps One Size 4.0

Eiffel Tower Print 

                       feel free to comment or if you have a question?



  1. They r cute diapers r they convenient even when ur out n about?

  2. thanks .. yes they are just like disposables except you dont throw these away i have a wet bag which is a bag that keeps on fluids inside and doesnt seep through i have one of those in my diaper bag and so when im out and about i change ashton put my dirty diaper in there along with dirty wipes and when i get home just put it in my home diaper pail if he went poopers then i rinse that out and put it in the diaper pail and wash.