Sunday, January 15, 2012

Smart Snugs Pocket Diaper

Hey Everyone

So i got fluff mail about two weeks ago I ordered SmartSnugs one size pocket diapers and Bamboo Snug with snap in soakers. I washed them and after trying them on my little munchkin I totally loved them.
I wanted to share my experience with you. So take a seat and read on..

                              Red Bamboo Snug Snap in Soaker, Orange & Green Pocket Diapers.

So the SmartSnugs is a One Size Pocket Diaper with Snap closure. The diaper will fit babies from around 8-35lbs. (Which i think is so awesome because you won't have to be buying new diapers every so often as your baby is growing.. baby grows diaper adjusts!!!) Thats just Awesomeness!!

                                                Snaps Ones Size Pocket Diaper

It comes with one cotton/bamboo insert. It has a cross-over tab and a hip snap to adjust well to baby.The outer is waterproof PUL the inner is soft microfleece. They have a pocket in the back to stuff with the cotton and bamboo insert.

 Its a very trim diaper which i also love for the simple fact that my little one can still fit into his cute jeans. Its very absorbent during day time diaper for night time i just stuff another insert. They also have a one year warranty which is very awesome as well.
Overall i totally love our new edition Of SmartSnugs Cloth Diapers. So does my hubby he is so funny he will ask me. " What color does he have on right now"? lol its just too cute.

Two things i would suggest is to make pocket just a tad wider and prints on diapers would be super cool too, other then that I'm a happy camper!! Also Samantha the owner is a total sweetheart she answered all my questions, very easy to work with. I Love that!!

Well that will wrap it up !!

Where can you get these click here  Smart Snugs For only $12.00 thats a deal!! If you have any questions in regards to both the Diapers the Pocket or Snap in Soaker. Please don't hesitate to ask.

                               My Little One Sporting his SmartSnugs

           Thank You for joining me on my cloth diaper journey.
                                           Feel free to comment!! 

*I was not paid to write this review. Just want to share the Cloth Diaper Love, and give you information on this diaper.*

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