Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Folds, Folds, Folds Oh My!!
Day-3 #flatschallenge

I am taking part in the Second Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry.  For 7 days I will be using only flat cloth diapers and handwashing them in an effort to prove that cloth diapering can be affordable and accessible to all.  You can learn more about the rules and why this challenge was started by visiting the announcement post.  This year there are over 450 participants from all over the world!  

Yay!! 2 days down 5 more days to go!!

Yesterday went great, it was a beautiful day. 
I did have more flats to wash compared to the first day.
 I didn't have any poopy diapers, which I essence is awesome right??? no poopy diapers ??? Now I should totally brace myself because maybe today he will poop more often. Fun times fun time!!  

Using flats I find myself tracking his diaper changes more often. Bringing back memories of when he was a newborn. Overall yesterday was great just had more flats to wash which was a workout!! 

What folds am I using??
I currently am loving the origami fold with a small padfolded flat for day time. For night time I am using a diaperbag fold with an extra padfolded for overnight heavy wetter. It's working great not having any problems I know that the first day I had a small leak but ever since I fixed the problem I haven't had any more leaks. Night time fold was great this morning he was drenched but no leaks so hey hey hey I must be doing something right??

Origami Fold with a small pad folded flat 
I tweeted this photo yesterday.
Booty Shot !!
Diaperbag fold with a pad folded in between for 
extra absorbency during night time.
Its a bit bulky but it works also used a 
blueberry cover they are nice and wide.

Learning experience is be grateful for everything I have. Sometimes I take things for granted without noticing so I thanked GOD for my blessings.

What folds are you using?? What is your night time solution?

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  1. I also use the Diaperbag fold with a pad folded flat for night time. It always works the best for me with wool though. :D Your baby is extra cute btw! <3 I miss my B being that small. lol

  2. Yes the diaperbag works great I love it!! You know I haven't tried wool !! I hear great things I guess because I like in Texas and its so hot I think of wool and the first thing I think is HOT!! Maybe I should try it!! Thank you I call him my lil bam bam!!

  3. Polly, Wool is SO breathable. I LOVE the tie dyed flat on your son. The colors are vibrant.

  4. Sarah I think I should try !! Wool that is!! Thank you I love colorful!!

  5. I need to try the diaper bag fold. Love the tie dye flat on your super cute son!