Thursday, May 10, 2012

NiteOwl Dipes Review

Cute fluff for your babies booty! 
I had to pleasure of working with an amazing 
WAHM (Work At Home Mom)

Here is a little about the mama behind NiteOwl Dipes

"I am a USMC wife and mother to a beautiful, outgoing girl! 
I can make OS AI2s, fitteds and newborn diapers. 
If you have a special request, let me know and I'll try to get it done!"

I totally admire WAHM they work in between naps, feedings, cleaning, cooking,  they do it for the love of the hobby of course but also to make others happy, handmade with love is always better then store bought.

I received an AIO custom diaper I chose the cassette and headphone print which I fell in love  with because my husband and I both love music so much and because Its just so cute.
This is my first WAHM diaper and  I am so impressed the diaper is very well made, the stitching is awesome the snaps are well aligned I mean everything about the diaper is amazing the material is high quality can't stop raving about it. Then again its made with LOVE.

Front View 

Inside of the my diaper super soft snap 
on and off insert .. AMAZING
Booty View

Here are some fluffy details :
  • It is waterproof! 
  • It has a cotton knit outer, hidden layer of PUL (which is what makes it waterproof) and an inner layer of microchamois (which is super trim, won't pill, and will wick moisture away for a stay dry feel). 
  • Snap on insert its made of bamboo velour (top layer) and bamboo fleece (other layers). 
  • It is perfectly fine to use the diaper straight out of the package but it will take the insert about 10 washes to reach it's full absorption. 
  • The diaper shell itself you can just throw in the dryer for about 30 minutes on high to seal the holes from sewing. 
  • The extra top row of snaps is a fold down rise. It makes the diaper smaller if you need to! 
  • Color coordinating snaps or colorful just depending on the print or customer's request.
  • Cross over tabs to make the waist smaller for the those tiny babies.
  • Truly a One Size diaper
  • The elastic around the legs is ruffled (crunchy i call it .. don't ask why) its very nice and gentle around the legs yet still snug. I love that.
Fold down rise to make diaper smaller !!
My Experience
FYI: I named this diaper Dee-jay :)

Mommy & Daddy Friendly: like I said earlier Dee-jay is my first WAHM diaper, I thought it would be difficult using but nothing like that It was simple, I do enjoy the crossover tabs and the fold down rise to make smaller for my lil ashton. Just play with it a little to adjust to your baby and your ready to rock out. Daddy approved.  

Quality: Dee-jay is very well put together the bamboo makes the diaper amazing, super absorbent, I love that its natural fibers, from stitching to snaps its very well made. The snaps are aligned correctly they all snap on and off great. The elastic on the back of the booty and around the legs is very gentle on babies skin yet still nice and snug. It didn't leave red marks on Ashton which is always a plus.

Day time: We used the during the day and I didn't change Ashton's diaper for about 3 hr. He was dry and we did not experience any leaks. The diaper fit him comfortably we went out to do errands and came back home and was dry which was awesome. On another days we did the same thing while at home and again its a great fit on Ashton the ruffled elastic is really neat you'll find that around the legs and on the back of the booty. I love that feature.

Night time: On the first night we tried out Dee-jay we had a leak in the morning, but that was my fault because we were in a rushed that morning and I just grabbed Ashton and we took Adryana to school. I didn't change his diaper so totally my fault. On another night I put Ashton to bed around 10pm and didn't change him till about 6am the next morning he woke ... DRY. I wanted to try the diaper without any extra inserts to see how much it would be able to absorb and let me tell you it does a great job. I did however use a fleece liner to use as a (stay dry effect.) I don't like him feeling wet. So that was pretty amazing if you ask me??

Overall: I am in love with Dee-jay its an amazing diaper, not only is it cute but IT WORKS!! There is No Point in having a CUTE diaper if it doesn't work, in my opinion. So I am definitely happy that I am able to have a cute diaper that does the job!! I would 100% hands down recommend NiteOwl Dipes to any of my readers, friends, family. Not to mention that amazing customer service she's there to help you, and answer any questions you may have.
And she is a military wives, us military wives stick together.. (well sometimes ;)

My Lil' Model

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                           *I would love to thank NiteOwl Dipes
for giving me the opportunity to review her  awesome handmade products.
Thank You, God Bless You


  1. I'm glad you reviewed her diapers. I was already drooling over them when I spotted them on facebook the other day, cause they're so cute. Now I'm definitely going to buy some for my newborn stash :)

    1. yes you def. have too they are amazing.. I forgot to mention that i wouldn't change nothing about the diaper.. i have to go back and add that.. but honestly i wouldn't change nothing its an overall amazing diaper. You def have to get one for your newborn. Make sure to tell her you seen my review. :) thank you for your comment. love to know my reviews are being read :)