Monday, May 14, 2012

Motherove Diaper Rash & Thrush Review & Giveaway

The first herbal personal care and supplement line specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women, Motherlove has led the holistic body care industry since its conception in 1990. Our dedication to consistent quality means crafting only the finest, purest products, and using certified organic ingredients designed to nurture, soothe and heal women on their all-important journey of nurturing life. Each of our formulas are time proven and backed with integrity, wisdom and an intimate knowledge of herbal remedies.

Motherlove was kind enough to send me a Diaper Rash & Thrush formula. Which is awesome it is clear salve that is applied on babies bum if he/she has a rash or thrush (yeast infection ). 
  • Its is 96% certified organic ingredients (myrrh, oregon grape root, calendula, yarrow, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax)
  • An all-natural salve for persistent, inflamed diaper rash.
  • Safe to use with all diapers, including CLOTH DIAPERS
  • It comes in a glass jar 
  • Certified Cruelty Free 
  • Can also be used on mothers sore nipples.
  • Has a zero rating (zero toxins)
  • Comes in a 1oz/30ml
                                                        My Experience 

As you know we only use cloth diapers in my household. I have been trying to use all organic, all natural things for ourselves and for around the house. This is just another one of those products that are awesome all natural cloth diaper safe. The consistency of the salve is very easy to apply its light and clear. Something like a lip balm so you can get the picture. I tried it on Ashton on the perfect day he was pooping all day... he had a small rash towards the back of his bum. I applied the Motherlove Salve ( I did use a fleece liner, I know its cloth diaper safe I just do this with any Diaper rash cream, balm, salve ) before going to bed the next morning while changing his diaper I noticed that his rash was gone. That was awesome it worked on his bum all night and cleared up. Its not hard to clean off which I also think is awesome. Motherlove Salve comes in a glass jar which I also think stands out from the rest of the companies for the fact that they represent the all-natural organic product well by using glass jars to store this awesome product. The glass jar can later be recycled. 
Overall we enjoyed Motherlove I would defiantly recommend this to my readers, friends and family. 

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                           *I would love to thank Motherlove Herbal Company
for giving me the opportunity to review her  awesome diaper.
Thank You, God Bless You

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.


  1. I really love that it comes from a company that is so committed to moms and babies. We use their green salve, and I just love it!


  2. love that it can also treat Thrust which is so hard to get rid of.

  3. Have never tried it but would love too!

  4. im intersted using it on sore nipples too

  5. I like that it comes in a glass jar. I'm not a fan of plastic tubes.

  6. I like that all the ingredients are recognizable, and that at least half of them are organic.

    {Sarah Jane}

  7. We have some and I love how it can be used for diaper rash or thrush. It isn't too oily and it works perfectly on my baby!

  8. I love that it is cloth diaper friendly -- no worries :) ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  9. I dont have a cloth diaper safe cream....I would love this!!

  10. I like how natural it is and that it's cloth diaper safe!

  11. I like that it comes in a glass jar!

  12. I love that it is totally cloth safe

  13. I love the packaging & the cloth-safety. Also.. I have thrush currently and it's awful! I wish I already had some of this on hand :/

  14. I've never tried it, but I like the natural ingredients.

  15. I haven't ever tried it, but I like that it's all natural and would love to try it out.

  16. I love that it is cloth diaper safe!

  17. I love and only use natural products for my kiddos and myself!

  18. I've never tried it but it looks like something I might need. Sadly, I have to have a c-section with this baby and I always have thrush/yeast issues after getting bombarded with antibiotics afterward. It makes me want to quit nursing and that's really saying something cuz I'm committed. My babies get a yeast rash too. I wonder if this might head off problems for us? I'd really like to try it.

  19. I love that it is zinc-free and all natural! And that you can use it with cloth diapers!

  20. I love the company and the use of the glass jar!

  21. I like that it comes in glass!

  22. I think it's great they come in glass jars. i'd love to get away from using so much plastic.

  23. I like that it is natural and can be used with cloth diapers.