Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Happy Green Life Review

While passing by my laundry room I heard.. 
“mommy whats that smell?” what smell Adryana? 
I don’t know mammi, it just  smells super good right here?

 That my fellow readers is the reaction I got from my 5 yr. old daughter
 while passing by the laundry room and using
A Happy Green Life detergent.

There scents smell amazing, they make my laundry room smell Flufftastic !!!
The awesome part is that its all eco-friendly.. 
who knew natural stuff would be so amazing right??

I was given and opportunity to try this detergent and I'm so glad I did.  I received some samples one of the scents I chose was monkey farts, super amazing. I used A Happy Green Life on my cloth diapers and after the rinses they did not smell like nothing just plain clean diapers,  I did not experience any rash on Ashton's bum which was great. Also tried it out on our regulars clothes and let me say when I pulled them out of the washer and ready to line dry them they still had a hint of the monkey farts smell. Which I loved, for the simple fact that I love my clothes to smell good. I love that it is gentle on babies bum and can be used for cloth diapers but also effective on taking out dirt stains. I used it on my husbands military uniforms and it left them nice and fresh clean smelling. I can't say enough about A Happy Green Life. I love there detergent, would recommend to my readers, friends, and family.  

Also would like to mention that the gals at 
A Happy Green Life are amazing, great customer service they have a variety of products from detergent to sprays to kitchen soap all around eco-friendly. They also have a Scent of the Month which I think is a awesome neat thing to have separates them from the other brands. 

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Thank you for reading my Blog, hope its helpful.

                           *I would love to thank A Happy Green Life 
for giving me the opportunity to review her  awesome handmade products.
Thank You, God Bless You

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